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Month: December 2015

Don’t Know A Thing About Arts And Crafts? These Tips Can Help!

December 21, 2015 • admin


When doing arts and crafts, it can be fun to take up a new hobby and create new things. From knitting to sewing to painting to decoupage, there is truly a niche for everyone. Are you curious? Keep reading for some great information.

Do you need craft supplies? There are lots of online stores that have major savings on these items. Browse the web and see what you can find. They even can provide free shipping in certain instances.

Keep in mind that arts and crafts with kids are going to be messy. If that that is stressful to you, cover your surfaces with some butcher paper or newsprint to catch bits of glitter, paper, and glue drops. Washable markers and glue will help make cleanup a breeze.

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Artists And Crafters: You Must Read This!

December 16, 2015 • admin


Do you like making a certain kind of art? Do you create crafts? No matter what craft you enjoy, this article is here to help. There is never a bad time to improve your skills, so delay no further.

Use all sorts of stuff in your arts and crafts. For example, paper goods are great. Toilet paper rolls come to mind. Additionally, try incorporating items from magazines or newspapers into your crafts. Be creative, and find new ways to use things that you’d otherwise toss in the garbage.

Are you trying to save money while buying crafting supplies? Check out a second hand store. Thrift shops have different types of supplies for crafts. Merchandise is eclectic and sells quite quickly, so be sure you visit these stores on occasion to keep up.

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