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Tips for Children’s Birthday Parties

June 24, 2017 • admin

Have you offered to host a birthday party for a child?  While their anticipation about their birthday may well be building; yours might be building as well, albeit for different reasons. If you’re a favored aunt, teacher or dear friend of the parents, have no fear, pulling off a super fun child’s birthday party is a lot easier than it may seem at first glance. Follow these recommendations from the party planning professionals to ensure your party is a huge success.

The first step is to secure the date and budget. From there the venue, guest list and theme can be deliberated. As a general rule of thumb, limit the guest list to the age of the child. For example, if a child is celebrating their 8th birthday, limit the guest list to 7 children. Ideally, there will be an even number of guests if teams and games are planned. If not, an odd number of guests is fine. When considering a theme for the party, enlist the input of the child. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the many themed party ware items available at The Disney Store. This will no doubt thrill the birthday child as well as the guests.

Select a venue or plan to have the function in your home.  Confirm the invitation list and mail the invitations.  Generally, a children’s birthday party will span no more than tow to two and half hours. This is about the maximum attention span for young guests. Electronic invitations are perfectly acceptable for children’s birthday parties. Many online options for birthday party invitations are available from which to select.  Keep track of the children that respond, and a few days before the event, nudge those from whom you have not heard.

Finally, plan games and activities for all the party guests to enjoy. Order a cake and begin decorating the venue with the themed items. Best of luck in hosting a fun filled, and memorable, children’s birthday party!

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